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  sabato 07/07/2007

Mocenigo Palace: 2007 MINIARTEXTIL VENICE

Mocenigo Palace: 2007 MINIARTEXTIL VENICE

Palazzo Mocenigo
from june 7 to september 2, 2007

arttextil.jpgAgain the Fiber Art at Palazzo Mocenigo, with a new international exhibition of contemporary art based on the use of textiles, yarns and fibres. Within such Fiber Art, these materials become part of a genuine creative act. Works of art in their own right, the end results are entirely contemporary in both design and structure.
Again ‘minitextiles’, minature pieces measuring 20×20x20cm; these have been selected in 2006 by an international jury including Luciano Caramel, Ugo La Pietra- Accademia di Brera e Hiroko Watanabe - Tama Art University, Tokyo within the Miniartextil Show in Como (first held in 1991 and now in its sixteenth year), a genre which was initially launched by Nazzarena Bortolaso and Mimmo Totaro of ‘Arte&Arte’.

But the Venice exhibition presents also three large-scale installations by Akio Hamatani, Naomi Nakashima e Kiyonori Shimada: Akio Hamatani (1947,Osaka) presents Orbit 6 (1400×230x300 cm), a vessel made by yellow rayon yarns; Naomi Nakashima (1956, Tokyo) invades the room with hundreds of frogs in silk organdie; Kiyonori Shimada (1964, Okayama), installs Echo with the Ancient Times, an imposing sculpture in red nylon, composed by 52 items, 90×250x50 cm each.

An original musical piece has been composed by Francesco Mantero for the exhibition: a wrapping sound to involve the visitor in a sonic web

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